Wednesday, 22 December 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Christmas presents all bought and wrapped (mostly). Definitely gets more stressful as the years go by dread to think what I'll be like by the time I'm 40! Anyway so here is my Christmas wish list (with massive emphasis on WISH).

Miu Miu Vitello tote with stud detail. Really REALLY want this bag (small obsession with bags, really, tiny). Saw it in Selfridges the other day and it actually made my eyes water it's so beautiful! Actually prefer it in the dark brown colour, only £1,200 anyone offering?!

Don't you think this coat would be just perfect for the friend's 21st I mentioned in the last post?! Yeah, me too. Perfect for the farmer style in dark green waxed fabric with sheepskin trims. £215, Topshop.

I know it's sad, but this film is amazing! Give me this and I will be happy :D
Will update when I think of more things, which I'm sure I will

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